“MISSION COMPLETED!”, All in capital letters. Thus on his profile Nirmal Purja announced this morning that he was at the top of Shisha Pangma, the 14th (also for height: 8028 m) and the last eight thousand of his “Project Possible”. That is “# 14 peak, 7 months # History”: so he himself, in a short line of the message, summarized the content of his great challenge. In fact, 6 months and 6 days have passed from summit to summit (the first was that of Annapurna, reached April 23). With the 14 eight thousand in three distinct periods: the first six in Nepal in the spring, then the five in Pakistan in the summer and the last three, between Nepal and Tibet, this fall.

When the gurkha launched his challenge, at the beginning of the year, to the general amazement, almost nobody believed that it was really possible to realize in little more than half a year what Reinhold Messner was able to complete in 16 years in first , 3 months and 19 days and 11 months later the Polish Jerzy Kukuczka had completed in 7 years, 11 months and 14 days (a record that in 2013 was improved by just over a month by South Korean Kim Chang-Ho). “Nims”, as this 36-year-old Nepalese likes to be called, has proven to be able to go straight to the finish line, even against any unforeseen circumstances (some high-altitude relief to which he and his sherpas have not escaped) and any adversity (conditions prohibitive weather such as those found on Dhaulagiri or those that had stopped everyone on K2, or even the closure of Shsisha Pangma by the Chinese authorities, then convinced to give a special permit). So this morning the message arrived, now awaited by the many who in recent months have been passionate about the Possible Project of Nirmal Purja: “At 8.58 local time Nims and his team reached the summit of Shisha Pangma. The team members are Mingma David Sherpa, Galjen Sherpa and Gesman Tamang “. Also for Mingma David Sherpa it was the 14th Eight thousand of the personal collection. Being only 30 years old, he is the youngest to have succeeded, beating even the same Nims, who is 6 years older.


Here are the dates of the arrivals at the top of the 14 Ottomila of Nirmal Purja during his Project Possible

Shisha Pangma October 29th
Manaslu 27 September
Cho Oyu September 23rd
Broad Peak 26 July
K2 24 July
Gasherbrum II 18 July
Gasherbrum I 15 July
Nanga Parbat 3 July
Makalu 24 May
Everest May 22nd
Lhotse May 22nd
Kanchenjunga 15 May
Dhaulagiri 12 May
Annapurna April 23rd
In total the gurkha is now at an altitude of 20 eight thousand. Here are the years of all his ascents: 4 Everest 2016, 17, 17, 19; 1 K2 2019; 1 Kanchenjunga 2019; 2 Lhotse 2017, 19; 2 Makalu 2017, 19; 1 Cho Oyu 2019; 1 Manaslu 2019; 2 Dhaulagiri 2014, 19; 1 Annapurna 2019; 1 Nanga Parbat 2019; 1 Gasherbrum I 2019; 1 Gasherbrum ll 2019; 1 Broad Leak 2019; 1 Shisha Pangma 2019

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