Leonard'S Notebooks

Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks are online on the Victoria & Albert Museum in London

HISTORY It was in the year 1876 when the British John Forster decided to bequeath a valuable library to the museum. There are three different volumes that collect the artist’s thoughts and projects written and drawn between 1480 and 1505 in the Milanese years at the court of Duke Ludovico Sforza. The pages present hydraulic engineering projects with drawings of tools for digging canals and geometry studies of solids.

ONLINE PUBLICATION The decision to digitize the first volume of notebooks was not made by chance by the Museum which hopes in this way to preserve its pages from wear and tear and also make the precious document accessible to all scholars and enthusiasts who cannot go to consult him on site. “We plan to make the other two volumes available online in 2019 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death,” says Catherine Yvard, curator at the V&A National Art Library, “the notebooks remind us that he was both an engineer and an artist. . ».

THE TECHNOLOGY The technology used to publish the contents of the notebooks online is extremely innovative. “In addition, all researchers can compare notebook pages with other documents as long as the same technology has been used.”

COLLECTIONS ONLINE On numerous occasions, large institutions have decided to make part of their collection available online.

For example, the online catalogs are: Edgar Degas, Salvador Dalí and Sol Lewitt . Here is possible to find the information about Leonard’s codex


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