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Some rooms of the Uffizi gallery in this period of quarantine have been digitized in high definition, and can thus be visited from home. Director Schmidt: “Total and realistic immersion in the museum environment”

The Uffizi, closed like all other museums because of the Coronavirus emergency, landed in the world of virtual reality to the delight of art lovers.
From today, in fact, the famous Florentine gallery can be visited comfortably from home with a simple click, for free, entering some of its most beautiful rooms, digitized in high definition, and admiring its masterpieces just like in a live tour.
To do this, just connect to the Uffizi website:


So the web visitor, from a computer, tablet or smartphone, will be able to enjoy in every detail ten rooms, among those inaugurated last year.
«The offer of virtual contents of the Uffizi Galleries today expands with a new technological jewel – explains the director of the Uffizi Eike Schmidt – the innovative system with which our virtual tour was created, designed to enhance the treasures of the new rooms inaugurated just last year, it allows a total and realistic immersion in the museum environment. In this case, the experience is not only a form of evasion or curiosity, but tools, information and data are also provided for a path of deepening and for a wider knowledge. Furthermore, an enormous advantage is given by the contextualization of the works in their space, an instrument that can also serve the purposes of historical and museological research ».

The suggested itinerary starts from the «Sala delle Dinastie», with the portraits of the most prominent members of the two families – the Medici of Florence and the Della Rovere of Urbino – who in the sixteenth century contributed to the formation of the extraordinary Uffizi collections. This enters an environment where there are some of the most famous works by Bronzino, such as the famous Eleonora da Toledo, the real “queen” of these spaces, Lorenzo the Magnificent, and the Duke Alessandro de ‘Medici, painted by Giorgio Vasari , Cosimo the Elder and Cosimo I de ‘Medici del Pontormo, Eleonora Gonzaga and her husband Francesco Maria I della Tiziano’s Rovere.
The tour continues in the green rooms of 16th century Venetian painting, which host masterpieces such as the legendary Venus of Urbino and Flora, both by Titian, the Leda and the Swan by Tintoretto, the “Fornarina” by Sebastiano del Piombo, the portrait of Giuseppe from Porto with his son Adriano, and Venere and Mercurio del Veronese.
Thanks to cutting-edge technology in the creation of virtual tours, the museum rooms, meticulously reproduced in every single detail with all their works, can be viewed from above, in the form of visualization known as the “doll’s house”, or by immersing yourself in they and virtually walking inside them, stopping in front of the paintings, just as you would in the museum.

Each painting can be studied closely and, by clicking on the corresponding caption, all essential information on the work appears, in Italian or English, and for the main masterpieces there is also a link to the detailed work sheet on the Uffizi website.
Finally, a curiosity: in the room that houses La Nuda, by Licinio, it is also possible to look out the window and admire a suggestive view of the heart of Florence and the Arno on a splendid sunny day, all minutely digitized.

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