Dome of Florence

A tour in Florence for Free

Florence for free, some tourist make a video about their experience in Florence and all the things that you can see in one day…

buchetta del vino

“Buchette del Vino” in Florence

In Florence there are several “Buchete del Vino” where in the past citizen used buy wine…

Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi Gallery Virtual-Tour

Virtual tour Of Uffizi Gallery. I s possible to have a virtual tour of a section of this great museum in all Florence and one of the best in all the world. is possible to see Medici family dynasty and other great painting made by great artist of renaissance time.

Leonard'S Notebooks

Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks are online on the Victoria & Albert Museum in London

Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks are online on the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. the notebook are from 1480 to 1505 when he was working for the Duke Ludovico Sforza, in Milan.

How to make homemade pastry brioches “Croissants”: Roberto Miranti’s recipe Ingredients

How to make Croissants “Brioche” in the Italian way. The recipe for brioches by pastry chef Roberto Miranti from Turin. For an extraordinary homemade breakfast.

Some facts about Michelangelo’s David

History about one of the best renaissance artwork of Florence and its curiosity. Made by the great eclectic artist of Florence Michelangelo Buonarroti.


“In David, Michelangelo observed the jugular vein before Science”

There is a detail in Michelangelo’s David which escaped 500 years of observation and which confirms the genius of the great Italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet, capable of anticipating science with his ‘clinical eye’. If in many sculptures, and in people’s daily physiology, the jugular vein from the upper part of the bust through the neck is not visible, in fact, in the Renaissance masterpiece exhibited in Florence it is clearly “stretched” and raised above David’s collarbone.

everest base camp

Mount Everest: melting glaciers exposing bodies of climbers

Bodies previously entombed in ice have been made accessible due to global warming. Are exposing the dead bodies of climbers previously entombed in ice, as global warming causes temperatures to rise. Almost 300 climbers have been killed attempting to climb the mountain since the first attempt to scale it in 1922.


Best coffee shop in Italy is in Florence

Ditta Artigianale is the best coffee shop in Italy.
Ditta Artigianale wins the Barawards 2019 award


Nepal, beyond the impossible…

“MISSION COMPLETED!”, All in capital letters. Thus on his profile Nirmal Purja announced this morning that he was at the top of Shisha Pangma, the 14th (also for height: 8028 m) and the last eight thousand of his “Project Possible”. That is “# 14 peak, 7 months # History”: so he himself, in a short line of the message, summarized the content of his great challenge.